Electronics Components Inventory

Manage your electronic components through a centralized database. Monitor your (inventory) stocks in storage and do not order components that are already available in your storage.
Locate your products, datasheets, papers and annotations easily.

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Simple to Use

We are aware that learning to use a new software might be frustrating, but with ECI it will not be.



Despite ECI is easy to use, it still guarantees fully functionalities and first-rate performances.



"It would be perfect, if only...": no problem, ECI can be customised as needed, it is Open Source

ECI Features

Simple to Usa


Nobody better than us knows how stressful can be learning to use a new software and undertaking new actions in the business administration, that is why ECI has been created to be extremely easy to use and to assimilate. The intuitive interface makes ECI usable by everyone.

Real time monitoring

Warehouse Management System

ECI allows you to real-time monitor every electronic component and/or any other product which is present in the warehouse, to verify the availability of any single element, to check the purchase prices and the leftover stock. Besides, ECI permits to link every component with its own invoice and document (handbook, datasheet, etc.). Despite ECI has been designed for the management of electronic components' storehouse, its flexibility makes it utilizable with other kind of products too, with no modification or with little customization. Contact us for further information.

Verifica delle Rimanenze

Checking the leftover stock and Reordering components

How many times did you order one or more components that were already available in your warehouse? How many times did not you order a component because you were sure that it was already available in your warehouse? ECI allows you to get rid of this problem. Monitoring the stocks in storage in real time will let you save time and money. Furthermore, it may help your company to adopt a Just In Time (JIT) strategy.

Fast Way adding Componets

Fast way of adding new components

Manually adding new components in a database may be hard, especially in the very first times. Once you have input the Manufacturer Part No, ECI automatically obtains all its documentation from the web and quickly add it to the database. If you do not have the component's ID, ECI permits to manually add the component anyway.


Utilizing Barcodes

ECI has been designed for being used with a barcode scanner to speed the entry, the research, the modification and the update of components in storage. Using the barcode scanner makes the data entry quicker.

Costs of the Project

Monitoring the Costs of the Project

Defining a project with ECI permits you to have a list of the necessary components. In this way it is possible to monitor the total cost of each project, the availability of the required components in storage and you can also export the list of the necessary components.


Electronic management of the documentation of each component.

Each component can have lots of papers which explain how it works (manuals, datasheets, etc..). Would you save them in different folders which are hardly trackable in the future if you are given the possibility to easily associate every paper to its own component? ECI makes this possible. You can associate to a component every document, so that they can be always ready to consult.


Completely Web-based

ECI is completely web-based. This means that it is possible to use ECI from any online device through a common web browser. Do you need to check and update your stock in storage from several access points? You will have no problem with ECI.




For Makers and Students

  • Non Commercial License
  • Open Source Code available
  • Automatic installation procedure
  • Code available in GitHub
  • Access to Bug-Fixing (GitHub)
  • Access to Update (GitHub)
  • Community Support
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For Commercial Activities

  • Commercial License
  • Open Source Code available
  • Automatic installation procedure
  • Code available in GitHub
  • Access to Bug-Fixing (GitHub)
  • Access to Update (GitHub)
  • Community Support



Maximum Support and Features

  • Non Commercial License
  • Open Source Code available
  • ECI installed on NAS Synology
  • Daily Database Backup
  • Code available in GitHub
  • Access to Bug-Fixing (GitHub)
  • Access to Update (GitHub)
  • First Execution Support
  • Community Support

Notes and system requirements:

1 - ECI requires Mysql ≥ 5.6.5 and PHP ≥ 5.

2 - ECI has been realized in server-side with PHP and in client-side with HTML/CSS/Javascript.

3 - ECI processes SOAP and AJAX requests. Verify that your server is able to execute remote requests.

4 - ECI uses PHP cURL library. Verify its presence in your server.

ECI Support and Community


GitHub Repository

Github Repository where you can find the source code of ECI. You can post an issue if you have found a bug or to make a request for a new functionality or to help others users.


Mailing List


A public place where anyone can ask questions.



Contact us for further information.


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